Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm glad the presidential election campaign is over

I know I’m not alone in being glad the election season’s finally over.
It’s ironic, because a presidential election used to be something I looked forward to every four years -- sort of a political Olympics.
It’s my job to pay attention to national news and issues that will affect the local area; during the election season, it’s exciting that so many others are paying attention, too.
But showing interest is one thing, the rancor and ill will of this go-round is something different altogether.
This has been particularly noticeable on Facebook, where people I consider friends,  have been posting mean-spirited, party-line propaganda day after day after day. I confess I began to lose respect for some people I considered more than just Facebook friends.
But sometimes, problems caused by Facebook, can also be solved by Facebook. I changed my settings to ignore those who were most annoying; others I simply unfriended.
Three other things are bugging me this year.
First, because of the way the Electoral College works, our presidential votes in New York won’t count. This is a blue state; Barack Obama will get our 29 electoral votes no matter which box you or I check. We do also face choices in the state Assembly and U.S. Congress, so don’t let this prevent you from voting
Second, the presidential years are usually the high-water marks for voting. In local elections, where each vote counts vitally, the turnout is usually mush lower.
And lastly, I find it hard to believe anyone who’s been paying attention, even a little bit, can still be undecided. These two presidential candidates present such a stark difference. It’s scary that the whole contest will apparently be won on the effect of some negative campaign ads on a few undecided voters in a few swing states.
If you haven’t yet seen the Saturday Night Live fake commercial about undecided voters, have a look; it’s hilarious and too true:


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