Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Go to Hop Fest in Oneida this weekend

You can see the holes in the leavers where the bugs munched on our hop plant.
If you like beer or history and have never been to Madison County Historical Society's Hop Fest, you owe it to yourself to go.
There are events all through the weekend.
There's lots to learn about this important chapter in local history. Plus, you can sample many types of good beer.
During a previous Hop Fest, Linda and I bought a small hop plant from Norm Dann and planted it beside our front porch. It came up in the spring and grew to about 7 feet the first year. At the end of the season we cut it back and composted the old leaves, vines and hop flowers (the part they used in beer brewing).
The second year it nearly covered the porch, a healthy, vibrant plant.
This year, I think because of the odd weather, the plant drew bugs that ate many of the hop leaves. Nevertheless it bounced back and ended up pretty nice.
I'm mentioning this because I've heard Dann will be at Hop Fest again this year and you can pick up your own plant.
Learn more about Hop Fest:


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