Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oneida's loss is Saratoga's gain

In the community news business, most people don't stay put.
People usually begin their careers at weeklies or small dailies, such as the Oneida Daily Dispatch. As they gain skills and experience, they move on or move up to a larger news organizations or a slot dong public relations.
I always try to hire smart people who work hard. It's a good strategy, but it means I keep having to replace key people as they go on to bigger and better things. My loss is someone else's gain. It feels good to see someone work hard and get ahead.
People I've worked with have gone on to key positions at major news organization across America (and Europe, too).
So it is with sportswriter David Johnson, who's off to The Saratogian, a sister Journal Register Company news organization. I'm happy for him and glad such a talented young man is staying "in the family."
David's done a great job here; he's strong in writing, videography, editing and use of social media, all important skills for a journalist in 2012.
He'll be replaced by Kyle Mennig, who comes from Stockbridge. He's been an excellent part-time copy editor for us; he moves up to full-time sportswriter.
So I have reason to be happy as David gets ahead, Kyle gets ahead (is there a better job than sportswriter?), and I think I've found a talented young person for Kyle's job.
Some days being a boss is actually fun.