Monday, July 11, 2011

Anyone can blog

There was a time one had to learn the basics of html and computer file structures to be able to have your own website and post information on the World Wide Web.
Believe me, I know. I put together the first daily newspaper website in Pennsylvania back in the dial-up days of the Internet. It was complicated.
No more.
The advent of blogs (short for weblogs) have brought the power to communicate to online everyone.
All you need to have a blog is enough technical skill to fill in a few blanks.
All you need to have a popular blog is something to say that people find interesting.
Indeed, a popular blog can make money for its author.
If this sounds at all interesting, I'll be holding a free Community Media Lab presentation explaining how to do this.
The program is set for Saturday, July 23 from 11 a.m. to noon at The Dispatch offices.
We're offering free coffee; free tea and free doughnuts. No need to preregister, but an email would be helpful if you know you're coming, so we know how many doughnuts to buy.
If you already have a blog, please come. We're looking for a variety of blogs to add to the Blog Center on our website. With our site receiving over 500,000 visits a month, we can send a lot of visitors your way.


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