Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mistletunes: A special kind of Christmas music

At this time of year there's one website I always visit.
It's become a holiday tradition in the Wanfried family.
Created more than a decade ago by a good friend of mine, Mistletunes surveys the annual offering of holiday music with a rock bent.
Of course most of its is Christmas material, but there are a fair number of Hanukkah selections as well.
"Rudolf" knows more about rock 'n' roll than anyone I ever met and this website is his labor of love.
He bills it as "the ho-ho-home of a rock 'n roll Christmas," this Internet gem does not disappoint.
For example, where else would you find out about the free-to-download "Santastic Six" incorporating mashups of artists ranging for Joan Jett to the Beastie Boys, Fats Domino and Bjork to very lightly skim the surface?
It all there at Visit it. When you see me, you'll thank me for the link.


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